Monday, February 4, 2008

How about them Giants?

I always have heard people start off sentences with something similar to the post title... I've never had a chance to say it.... until now. How about them Giants, eh? WOW! They really played a good game. I can't believe how many times they sacked the Pats quarterback. Good thing hubby and I had no real bets... or I'd be paying up today. He got lucky in the 4th quarter anyways *wink*

The crop this past weekend at Tally was super cool. Loads of points and lots of scrapping inspiration. I have one or two more I want to work on, and since my house is in good order, the laundry kept up, I can play a bit in between playing with the kids today.

Doug has been working on a new program. It's an awesome third party tool that can be used in Great Plains for sending out invoices to customers. He actually has a major company behind him that will be a reseller. He sends out the demo program to them this week for testing, talks about contracts are coming up, and hopefully this thing will sell like hotcakes. Doug is super excited. He's an amazing programmer, and I'm so proud of him for stepping out and writing something not related to his projects for work. More to come on this subject in the following months.

Here are a few layouts from this weekend.

This was made for Breann over @ Tally. She'll be giving birth soon to her first baby. A bunch of us got together and make a blank page for baby book put together for Maxx. Mine was on his first Icecream.

CRAP! I almost forgot. My news this month?
I was selected as Scrapstreets Discovery Drive designer. Check it out!
How exciting!!


  1. yay giants!
    congrats to doug..sounds exciting!
    you rock leah!

  2. Woohoo Leah! That's freakin' awesome!

    Soooo glad the Giants won too :)

  3. girl, AMAZING CRAZY TALENTED that's what YOU ARE!! loving the LO's and CONGRATS CHICKY!!!

  4. Congrats on your Scrapstreet designer!!!great pages love the page for Breann!oh and one more thing---GO PATIROTS!!!lol j/k being a wise a$$


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