Monday, February 13, 2006

He's being sneaky, and I love it!

Doug has been so swamped at work lately, I feel a little alone when I can't chat with him through MSN. I noticed he was away sometime after 4pm today, and decided to call him.

Me: Do you think you will be leaving close to on time today?
Doug: I'm on the road now
Me: Wow, you'll be home soon then, huh?
Doug: No. I've got to make a pit stop, then I will be on my way.
Me: Where are you going?
Doug: None of your business. *smirk*

You could just hear the smirk in his tone of voice. I asked him to hurry home and see about taking Katelyn over to Paula's to drop off the cookies we made saturday for the community service project her troop was working on. He said if he got home in time, he would do it.
Next thing you know, he's walking through the door. He tells Katelyn to hurry up and find clothes for her sister, and to get the cookies ready to go.

Now I have all this free time to myself, what am I going to do?

SHOWER! I feel so tired and worn down, a nice uninterrupted shower will be heavenly!
That just means I need to get my booty out of here and in that bathroom. :)

Happy early Valentines day Doug! (you stalker you *smirk*)

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