Friday, February 3, 2006

Fly fly away

My grandfather's funeral was on Wednesday. I couldn't attend because I am at the end of my pregnancy, and I had just got back from Michigan Saturday night. There was no way I could make that long drive again so soon. My cousin Amy and I were pretty torn up about not being able to go. She had time off, but didn't want to travel by herself with her two children. It's hard with little ones by yourself in the car almost 12 hours.

Katelyn, my oldest daughter thought we should release balloons to honor gramps.... and I thought it was a wonderful idea. We went to the store yesterday and bought 6 blue balloons (his fav color) and 1 angel balloon. It was beautiful. It had a verse from Psalms on it, I wish I could remember it. It made us tear up reading it. Amy came over with her two children, and we tied all the balloons together, said some words of love and rembrance, and we all let go. We watched them fly, fly away. We wondered how far they went, seems like we watched them go for 10 minutes or so... it was pretty windy too.

We will miss you Grandpa!

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