Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chili Day

It snowed!!!

I'm gonna take pictures here in a little bit to show off. I've been waiting on a good snow for a while now, I really think I have been jipped this year. Old man Winter just didn't have it in him to come to Virginia I guess... until today! :) It's still snowing, it looks like we have about 3 inches on the deck. The roads look clear from the front window.

I knew the snow was suppose to make an appearance yesterday, so I bought the makings for chili. I'm about ready to get that started. A perfect wintery meal in my opinion. My mom and step-dad have come over for a put it together day. Cameron's baby furniture still has to be put together (Doug just finished his dresser), and mom bought Katelyn an armoire and a shelving unit for storage Thursday. They are downstairs working on Katelyn's new furniture. The armoire looks like it will entirely replace the storage for her clothes she was using in her old bedroom closet. Finally, we are getting things done!

By the sounds of it, I will be posting a nursery picture this evening as well.

Katelyn's GS troop decided to do a community service project instead of the traditional thinking day this year. They were going to meet at a church and make homemade cookies and deliver them to the people at Ronald McDonald House here in town. Of course, my lovely friend Mr. Winter showed up and now we get to make the cookies individually at home. It's been fun letting Katelyn measure all the ingredients and follow the recipe. We are making chocolate chip cookies and Ooey gooey butter cake. Hopefully that will be enough from our household. :)

I will update more later, this should prove to be an interesting day.

Here's the update... We got pictures of Samantha out in the snow, it was so cute! I have a ton to share as I couldn't pick one favorite :)

We sat Sam right down in the middle of the snow, and she just looked down like WTH?!

Katelyn took her for a spin in the sled.... hilarious, because then she fell out.

Samantha had enough after about 10 minutes of the snow.

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  1. Well, the crib is done now also...although I had to use some of the hardware from Katelyns shelving unit. We will be going out soon I think to get some more hardware from where it was bought.




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