Wednesday, February 1, 2006

I miss my gramps

It's been a long week.

My grandpa and most of my extended family live in Michigan. My aunts are twins, one lives up there and the other in VA with my mom and I. My aunt that lives here took off up north to see how gramps was doing (he's been sick for a very long time - he's a tough old bird) and called me on 1/24 to tell me he is not looking well. I decided if I wasn't dialated that I was going up there with the girls to see him one last time. Confirmation from the Dr and an OK to go was given, so all day wednesday 1/25 I ran around town making arrangements for the trip that night.

My uncle and mom went with me. We made great time considering it was snowing in WV and we didn't speed at all (I learned my lesson in July '05 - damn Ohio Turnpike) on the trip up. As soon as we made it in town where gramps was hospitalized, we stopped in to see him. He was on a floor where the girls couldn't see him, Katelyn was so upset and crying she couldn't see him. I felt so darn bad for her. He had deteriorated so much in the last 6 months since we had seen him last. I didn't get to spend but 20 minutes with him because they were having a hard time trying to get the dialysis going.

We decided to go ahead and drive to my aunt's house that lives up there in Mi (an hour away from the hospital) and we unpacked our bags and took a nap. I told Katelyn to pray that they move gramps to another floor so her and sis could see him. We were lucky, because that evening they moved him to another floor. The next day we went back to the hospital to see gramps. His eyes literally lit up when he saw the girls and I. He understood from before that I wouldn't be able to make the trip up to see him, so he was so surprised and I could tell how touched he was to see us. He's Hungarian, and along with the distinct nose feature, the ears are a bit pronounced as well. He loves little Samantha's ears... he calls them 'honky ears', which means hungarian ear to him (large earlobes... lol) :)

I left Saturday morning after saying one last goodbye to him. It was hard leaving knowing he would probably die in less that a week. Hospice had started treating him for comfort measures only, as there really was nothing to be done for him anymore that was working. He past away Sunday 1/29. His funeral is today, and he's getting a military 21 gun salute. At the viewing he was saluted by so many officers and other soilders, my mom and aunts say it was very touching and beautiful... hard to hold back the tears.

I still have not grieved for him yet. It's so unreal I won't be able to take a trip up there this summer to show him his newest great grandson. I hope he is comfortable in heaven, looking down on us, and able to see his grandling when he makes his arrival (which is SOON..I'm hoping early, and this week.... lol)

I love you Gramps. Peace be with you.

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