Friday, February 10, 2006

He's away on vacation!

Trying to get a shower, and Samantha and I dressed and out the door to the doc's by 9am is a challenge. Brushing my teeth this morning, I put the toothbrush away, and it falls into the toilet. At least I had already brushed my teeth! Doug digs it out of the toilet, and puts it in the sink.
Me: Why didn't you just put it in the trash?
Doug: I figured you could soak it in hot water and use it again later.
Me: ewwwwwww are you crazy? You wouldn't do that with your own toothbrush!
Doug: laughing. Yeah, well....


Samantha and I leave the house, and I realize I am going to run late for the appointment. It wasn't too terrible as I was only 10 minutes late, and they were running behind. We wait for 25 minutes and I get back there for my NST. Right away she couldn't find little man's heartbeart. She leaves and comes back, says come with me. Panic sets in kinda quick and I said, where are we going? She laughs and said, you get another Ultra sound. Phew!

Lisa, the U/S tech found his heartbeat right away, he's moving and doing fine. He's laying on his left side with his head down, so his back is more up against my belly. Just him being onery I guess. That was great, and I hope they give up trying to give us those NST's.... little man obviously doesn't want them messing around with him... ;)

My nurse Kim asked me once she got me back in a room if I wanted to be 'checked'. I said, no I'm not having any contractions these last few days... All I want is a date to schedule an induction. She then tells me My doctor is away on vacation for next week.
You're kidding me right?! I see this one doctor for 37 weeks and he won't be here to deliver? No fair! My doc comes in and I said we need to go past my due date and induce when you come back from vacation! He laughs, and we talk about it. Little man isn't nearly as big as Samantha was at this time last year, so he agrees.

I have to go see another doc next friday (my due date), and hoping I haven't delivered by then he will see me on Monday the 20th, and take me to the hospital for an induction :) I know it sounds silly wanting to wait to have this baby, but it makes a huge difference if you can have your own doctor deliver your baby. He delivered Samantha last time, and I am hoping he will this time too.

Ok, little man.... stick around just 10 more days bub!

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