Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Hearts Day

Doug and the girls came home late last night all smiles, with food from Ruby Tuesdays. I had a salad and a cheeseburger, that was so good. Doug tells me that he is going to be giving me my valentines present early because he will have to work all day today. So we ate dinner and he went out to the car. In he comes with a bag from Kay Jewelers.

I look in the bag and see two boxes. One is wrapped, and the other isn't. He tells me to open the one that isn't wrapped. I look inside and see my gorgeous diamond ruby pendant ring has been fixed and cleaned. He bought this ring for me on our first wedding anniversary, and I had mentioned earlier in the month it would be nice to have it fixed. Somehow, the ring part had become damaged. It was no longer a perfect circle and looked like it had been squished on one side. Ruby is my birthstone, and I have grown to appreciate the beauty of it as I have gotten older. I can't keep my eyes off of it, it's just so beautiful AND he remembered I wanted it fixed.

Next, I open the gift wrapped box. To my surprise, he got me a beautiful gold necklace with a matching ruby stone with diamonds to hang from the chain. It's a lovely peice, but I'm worried I will break the chain and lose the ruby in it. He told me I had to show it off today, and would like to see me wearing it every day. Did I mention I was worried about breaking it? I looked online to see if I could find pictures of the jewelry, but couldn't find an exact match like mine.

Now I have to sneak out today and buy for Doug and Katelyn. Of course, I will be waiting to go out until Katelyn gets home, so I will definitely have to be sneaky about buying her gift. What do you get a 9 year old girl anyway? Maybe clothes and some shoes. ;)

Happy Valentines Day!

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