Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Little man spooked us

I had my weekly OB appointment yesterday, and I was actually a little early. I'm usually strolling in with Samantha to sign in, right on time with none to spare. It was an afternoon appointment, so Katelyn was with me. It's always nice when she is there. She helps keep Sam occupied, and I have someone to help me pass the time.

We had the ultrasound, and as usual little man wasn't in the sharing mood. He hasn't given us one good 4d facial picture yet. He was low in my pelvis so there was no point in trying for that face shot. After that, time to go see the Doc. He checked and I was dilated to 2, so he checked to see if he could strip my membranes. He did, but I'm not sure if he did it enough, sure didn't feel like it did the last time I had it done with Samantha (only 11 months ago... lol) right before she was born. He checked the heartbeat, and said he wanted a NST (non stress test) done because he thought his heart rate dropped below 120.

Off to do the NST. I didn't have a good time with the NST last week either (ended up having to have an ultra sound that day because of the non activity on the NST) and kinda dreaded having this done with both girls with me again. The technician had a hard time finding little mans heartbeat, and then he wasn't moving much. She buzzed him, gave me a drink and left. After 40 minutes on that darn machine, my Doc's nurse came in and told me I had to go to Triage.
They said his heart rate was too low and they wanted to monitor me at the hospital. (it's right next door)

I immediately got tears in my eyes, wondering who to call to come get the girls. I call Doug first and ask if he is on his way home yet(we have been at the doc's over 1 1/2 hours already) and he said no. I told him he needed to hurry over to the hospital, and to call my mom, that they were taking me straight to Triage. The nurses were great in assisting me with the girls. Trying to keep everything light and cheery so Katelyn wouldn't get upset. We get set up in the room where they get you hooked up for monitoring and in walks Doug and my mom. I don't think I had been there 15 minutes, and was so surprised to see him there already.

It was such a relief though when he walked in the room. He's like my knight in shining armour, he always makes me feel better, just by being around. We find out we are going to be there 2-3 hours. The technician said I was lucky because I didn't have to get in one of those hospital gowns, and that was a good sign I wouldn't be there longer than the initial time frame. After an hour or so, we convinced my mom to drive my van to her house and get the girls out of there. Samantha hadn't been able to get down and play in like 3 hours, and Katelyn had homework to finish up. (Good thing I grabbed her right off the bus, as her bookbag was in the van)

Doug finally asked after being there 1 1/2 hours what they were looking for, and how serious it was that little man and I were there in the hospital. The tech said that it's not as scary as it was made out to be. They just had to figure out little man's base heart rate, to see if he was getting enough oxygen, and to see how he reacts to my activity... such as laughing, moving around, etc. My Ob's practice should seriously explained it to me a little better.. they were patting me and telling me not to cry... but they weren't explaining why I shouldn't cry. I mean, I didn't cry long at all, only while on the phone with Doug because I was scared, but I dried up those tears real quick so I could be strong for Katelyn and Sam.

They checked the ultrasound from earlier and little man looked great, he passed 8 out of 8 (for whatever they are looking for when they do that) and just wanted to keep me a little longer on the monitor. Doug had a great time playing with the little thing they use to listen to the heartbeat with. Little man kept moving, or I would move and cause them to lose the constant heart beat... so Doug kept moving it around and finding it again. He saved the tech a lot of work, she thought it was cute him standing over me to make sure little man's heart was being heard.

Going on 2 1/2 hours there, Doug said something funny... he got me to laughing so hard and all you could hear was me laughing and this whoooosh whooosh bumping sound from inside my belly being echoed around the triage room.... Next thing you know, the Doctor on call walks in laughing and saying, what's going on in here? LOL Kinda embarrasing. She released me and said that although little mans heart rate is lower than they like, it's a good rate for him, that he responds well to activity and he is getting plenty of oxygen.

I have to call the OB doc today to find out when he wants to schedule an induction, that they are not going to let me go past my due date because of the GD (gestational diabetes). It's really coming down to the wire now. Doug and I are just so thankful that he is ok. Little man is going to be a character too... we can't wait to meet him! :)

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