Sunday, February 12, 2006

ahhhh the snow

I love the snow!

I wish I weren't so darn big and pregnant, I would be right out there in the middle of that mass of white stuff called SNOW! Katelyn and Bubby (my mom's stepson) made this snowman yesterday while it was still snowing. I wish they would have made the darn thing in our yard.... oh well.

Katelyn decided she wanted to make her own snowman, in our yard this time. Here she is with her little buddy.

Samantha is becoming part monkey. We caught her after the fact just sitting here ever so quietly, minding her own business. I wish I could have seen her get in this position.

And of course, the snort pose ;)


  1. I just found your blog from twopeas. Totally cute pictures! Looks like a terrific snowman!!

  2. Super cute snowman. I love snowmwan. They are just so sweet.

    The photo of your little girl on the table is so cute.

  3. look at that face! she is mighty impressed with herself isn't she! LOL! =)


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