Monday, December 17, 2007

still procrastinating...

so what's new? LOL

Maybe in '08 I can get better about the procrastinating thing.... this thing that's being held over my head is just draining the life outta me, so I'm taking hold tomorrow and getting it over with... my mom's Christmas mini album.. LOL I'm officially SICK of mini albums.. I may not create another one til June '08! I think I can.. I think I can.. I think I can... oh and I still need to get a little something out to the person that was my SS over @ tallyscrapper. Not sure what to send her, but I plan on figuring that out tonight so I can mail it tomorrow. ugh. then maybe the doom & dread will be lifted ;)

I tried ignoring it today by altering a Maya Road tin for my DD, and creating two layouts. I have one more in the works tonight, but won't be able to finish it up until the munchkins are in bed. Here's a hint though.. it's for Jan on TallyScrapper! ;0)

The new DT call is going on over there (tallyscrapper)... which means my term on the DT is ending. *big sigh* I love that place. I was lucky enough to work with Christine, Minda, & Ho for 4 months. September I was guest Designer and then I was on from Oct-Dec. What a blast! The BEST news is the last TWO months the kits have sold out. I'm hoping part of it's because the DT work was uber fab ;)

Here's my work from today.

*The stockings were hung by the chimney with care*

*Katelyn's marbles*

*rockin' around the christmas tree*


  1. Dont you dare stop creating mini ablums I love them all that you do!
    I mean it , I will come and hunt you down and give you a switch itch!

  2. Leah, have I told you lately that I LOVE you??!!! Yes, your work on the DT has been uber-fab...I'm trying out this time! Wish me luck. *crosses fingers* There are SO many talented ladies over there, for sure!
    Now, do you pronounce your name LEE, or LEE-UH? I've gotta know before I can call you! :)

  3. lol-i was going to say the same thing as dawn (vannsmom)! don't you dare quit rocking the mini's!

  4. meant to add in my other comment that I love the Christmas tree LO!
    i maybe lifting it I have some pictures (xmas) that would go perfect with it!!thanks for the inpsiration chickie!


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