Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ahhh the sickies

Poor fam.
3 have thrown up
2 have diarrhea
and 1 is slowly losing her grip on sanity ;)

Seriously though, suckiness with all the sickness going around. I've hardly had any time at all to sit down @ my computer to check in with all my friends. I'm doing it here in one place, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope it was wonderful for you all.

Cameron got sick saturday around midnight (22nd), Doug stayed up with him until 4am. Then I woke up at 6am to Cameron having crawled in bed and nestled in my arms.. was so sweet. He finally started feeling better Sunday evening. Monday, Christmas Eve we went out looking @ the lights, went to Starbucks for hot cocoa, and just drove around for a couple hours. About 5 minutes from home, Samantha was in mid sentence and puke just flew outta her mouth. Yep, it was as nasty as it sounds. Got her cleaned up and Doug went out to pull out the carseat. The carseat is a 3point harness, and not easy to get out, sure do love them cuz their secure as all get out.... anyways, carseat needed to be cleaned, and I was up with Sam every 45-65 minutes until Christmas morning around 7:30, her getting sick near every time. One time around 1 am she asked in this teary voice, "Santa knows i'm sick, right? Will he still come and bring me a present?" awwwwwww about tore my heart out...

Here's a small clip after we opened presents

As soon as Samantha saw her Kitchen center she got from Santa Claus she felt better. She played and played with it. Total perfection!! She really wanted one, and woohhooo SC pulled it off! Katelyn got a 4gb Silver Ipod Nano engraved with her name on it, and a red case to put it in.. plus 50 free downloads. She about fell over when she saw that hanging from the tree. (she still believes in SC! love it.) Cameron got this basketball goal with a ball.. made for toddlers.. perfect score again. Other than everyone else being sick, it's been a very fulfilling holiday.

I hope to be online and back to normal tomorrow.. as it is, someone needs me!


  1. Aawww...sooo sorry your kiddies were so horribly sick! Just reading about Sam's concern over Santa not bringing her a gift because she was awake...well, just brought tears to my eyes, poor thing!
    Glad the gifts were all well received...we had the same luck this year! Santa really got lucky, lol!
    Thinking of you and hope to chat with you at the cyber crop this weekend! I have to work Fri. night, but have Sat. and most of Sun. off....WHOO0- HOOOO!!!

  2. That stinks! I'm glad everyone is starting to feel better and can enjoy all the great things Santa brought!

  3. awwwee sorry you kids were sick.. I hate to see little kids sick , just breaks my heart..
    Savanna has those exact same pj's as you rlittle girl has on how cute, love the kitchenette.. doug looks like he is having a blast playing with the kids toys as my huuby does too!
    Glad you had a good christmas!


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