Friday, December 14, 2007

Dec. Tallyscrapper Kit

Oh my word, check out this kit!!! It can be yours right @ 3pm EST tomorrow Dec 15th!!(it is not out of stock.. it will be made available tomorrow.. if you see it pop up again as sold out.. well then it is really sold out! lol) I strongly suggest you mark your calendars, cuz this kit is the bomb!! ahem.. DA BOMB I say! I big congrats to TallyHO (Rachel W) for designing this beauty! It was SO easy to work with.

Here is the Acrylic album I made with it. Still deciding whether I'm keeping it, or trying my hand at selling. (I'm leaning toward keeping this one.. it's my first acrylic ya know?)
*Christmas Memories*

You can see the rest of my album HERE.

*The Naughty Santa*


  1. Fantastic job on the book. YOu are a regular sweetie. I really appreciate your thoughtful gesture :) BTW I am terribly tempted to buy that kit ! I shouldn't be spending the $. Have to take a bit to decide...hope it doesn't sell out !

  2. that book is just stunning! wow... you know i love it so!


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