Friday, December 28, 2007

instead of building a room

we will paint two! lol

For over a year we've been thinking we would build a bedroom downstairs for Katelyn in the basement. And then it hit us... why don't we just put Samantha and Cameron in the same room until we move into a bigger house? Katelyn could have her old room back, and paint is much cheaper than a building permit, lumber, and escape window, and new carpet. Total of paint & supplies: $99.24

We cleared out Samantha's room last night, she was so upset. She was kicking her bed and crying, not understanding why it was not in her bedroom. We explained we were painting her room.. and that she would be able to help (ayiyiyi..) and she calmed down. Sam & Cam slept ok in his room last night. Today I'll be scraping the princess border off and priming. I guess I should mask the borders and stuff since I'm a messy painter. Her room will be in MY favorite color.. limeade!! oh yeah!

Here's a before shot!

Doug woke up this morning sick with probably a sinus infection, so I'm not sure how much we will get completed today. I hope he gets up soon and gets the scraper for me.. like I could find anything in his garage *eye roll*

There's a HUGE weekend crop going on over @ TALLYSCRAPPER this weekend. Come check it out. The challenges are always fun, and the prizes are gr8!


  1. Glad everyone seems to be on the mend! Or hope they will be soon! I wonder though would you be you know stampin' on the walls after you paint them your favorite color?? I'm thinking that would be so Cool! Love your stuff Leah!! See you this weekend at TS!

  2. okay uh I cannot wait to see the limeade room! good thing you have a beef stick since the hubby is not feeling well ;0....want some pop rocks to sprinkle on that?

  3. i can hardly wait to see the new colors!!! How exciting....I want to do this again the itch...LOL


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