Monday, December 3, 2007

YAY it's MONDAY!!!!

It's been one crazy weekend after another here in the Crowe house lately... we're super lowkey folks, so when we're busy it drives me slightly bonkers. (watch Samantha & Cameron be on the go all the time once they hit grade school!)

I have this lovely bay window where my scrap desk and computer is at, and over the last 8 months I got used to putting everything in that window (yes, you can see it from the street.. LOL) so Friday I started pulling everything out of the window. was so proud of myself. Then I had to find homes for all the bills/receipts/RAK scrappy stuff/albums... you name it, I probably had it in the window.

Which led to Saturday ALL DAY purging and cleaning out scrappy drawers, breaking down kits and filing it all away. I worked non stop Saturday on just that. I should have taken photos, but it was quite embarrasing the amount of kits I broke down, and what's even more sad is the fact I have about 12 kits I've never touched! I still need to go through my flowers and hang up more ribbon.... but i had to make room for my Christmas decorations that go in the bay window... hopefully I will keep it nice and open once the Holiday are over with.

Sunday I cleaned the kitchen and had it sparkling, the house looked great. Then I took the kids to walmart to get some necessities, went and fed the ducks and geese at this retirement home, and came home to fix lunch and start on pulling down all the Christmas decorations. We worked the rest of the day getting the tree up and trying to string lights and stuff outside. We're not quite done and need more extention cords, which we can get this payday. As I sit here writing this, I look around to see my house looks like $hit again, and I don't want to do the same things I just did yesterday all over again. ugh.

But anyway, I have a secret.....
I still haven't marked points down for the entries for week 7 STT challenge for SGK, and will get right to that after I pour my next cup of coffee.
Phew.. I feel better getting all this out ;)

I'll take some photos of the house once it's complete and all the Christmas boxes are back in the attic! Now to grade some 'papers' ;)

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