Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I *heart* the FIL

I open up the door after lunch early this afternoon and I couldn't see my bench.. was in total shock! Look at what Doug's dad & stepmom sent the kids: Holy crap! We sent Dad a list of 5 things for each child. You know, so they would have a choice of what to pick that they would like, and Doug thought for some reason that maybe the aunts/uncles may wanna know something too. Ummm I think Doug is gonna have to have a talk with Dad!!! I haven't even opened them yet, waiting on D to get home from work... i may sneak in there and take a peek at one though.. I can't stand it... boxes unopened that is ;) And here's Samantha wanting to dig in too.

One of the boxes was making noises.. like a car or something.. I told Samantha it was a monster and she couldn't touch it! (DOH!) I may be dealing with monsters @ bedtime tonight.. rofl
FIL certainly has helped make Christmas big and bright for the kids this year. Wonder if he's trying to make up for lost time with them too? Who knows, but sure do miss him! D has a wonderful family, and we're trying to find a job there so he can be closer to them while the kids grow up.


  1. omg... you certainly blessed! wow!

  2. Awww, D's Dad sounds like mine!! That is wonderful that the kids have such wonderful, generous grandparent's.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful, fun filled and blessed Christmas and New Year, Leah!!!

  3. WOWZERS!!the kids I am sure are going to give grandma * grandpa extra hugs & kisses!!!very lucky kids to have g-parents ;)
    love your stocking LO and the altered box for Katelyn is great love the color!!
    and I left something for you on my BLOG :) go lookie!!!

  4. oh my! I wouldn't be able to not look! and I love that people wrap their packages, so nice!

  5. wow some big gifts, I would want to peek too! ;)


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