Thursday, December 20, 2007

it's done... call the press, it's done!!!!!

Yep, my last mini album... argh. I vow to start in September instead of end of November to do these mini albums. Craziness! I hope my mom likes it. It's hard to tell. I've made her two now, and a FLIP album she can hang up, (it's still hanging up) but I can never tell. Need to visit her in a few weeks after Christmas and see if I can see where she's keeping them. *smirk*

You can see the complete album HERE.

Doug & I had a wrapping party in the bedroom last night. No, we didn't get busy amidst all the ribbon, boxes, toys, and papers.. but we did have a good time, and accomplished a lot. All the toys are staying in the bedroom until Christmas Eve. Cameron opened up TWO yesterday underneath the tree that Fil sent... more work and we never did rewrap those last night! LOL

Katelyn gets out 2 hours early today. I was going to let her stay home from school, but she waited until the last minute (wonder where she gets that from?) to take her AR test, so off to school she went. At least she didn't hide the fact it needed to be done. I thought about picking her up early, but decided it wouldn't hurt to let her stay.

Nothing exciting here, as per the norm... Looking forward to shopping tomorrow so we can finish up!


  1. Leah LOVE the album!!!absolutely amazing girl!!I would LOVE to get that as a gift!who makes that album i think i need it!!
    well did u and Doug get busy after wrapping ;)lol

  2. love the mini ablbum!

  3. LOVE this album, Leah! It's just perfect!

    I was wondering about the wrapping party, LOL!

  4. this album is's the kind you just want to touch in person.....awesome...have a great christmas....

  5. What a gorgeous album!!! You really did an awesome job!!


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