Tuesday, December 4, 2007

snowflake love

So, I made this Christmas Ornament out of a puzzle piece covered with Daisy Buckets Wrapped Wishes line. Then I used a Basic Grey Figgy pudding snowflake sticker and covered it in crystal dust, turned it over and put some chunky glitter on the backside. Punched a hole through the puzzle with my crop*o*dile and strung some ribbon through it.
Click on it to see the larger size.

I also completed my survivor layout for TallyScrapper. WOOHOO! So happy I didn't miss another week. Totally inspired by my sweet children this morning at breakfast.

*Ordinary Day*

Close up.

Katelyn came home with 2 F's today. 1 on a quiz and 1 on some in class study guide thing. I don't know why either. This kid could get straight A's if she worked hard for it. A/B honor roll is awesome, though I'm afraid these latest two grades are going to affect her 9 weeks report card. It seems like once a month or so she comes home with this out of the blue score on a test or something. Makes no sense. ayiyiyi. Time to go study!


  1. love the snowflake Leah!super job on the layout love the butterfly where did u get it??

    **my heart is not a playground** your picture is giving me motion sickness!!!!lol


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