Thursday, March 9, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Samantha Lynn!!!

Samantha Lynn
born: 3/9/05
weight: 9lbs 12 oz

Here you are with Daddy.

Wow. Where does one year go? Is there a year troll running around stealing them?

I think back and see in my memory still shots of smiles, your 1st try at baby food, you rolling around on the floor to travel from point A to B, crawling, pulling yourself up, huge grins and you raising your arm in the air like Hitler shouting YEA!!!.... teetering with little steps, walking...

I love these little snapshots of milestones embedded in my mind. I hope I never forget them and, if I do, I hope I have captured most of it in photographs.

Here are photo's from the last 3 days.


Here monkey, you drink!

My turn!

Learning to dance

chillin out giving me the 'snort snort'

no more pictures mom!


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