Thursday, March 9, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Samantha Lynn!!!

Samantha Lynn
born: 3/9/05
weight: 9lbs 12 oz

Here you are with Daddy.

Wow. Where does one year go? Is there a year troll running around stealing them?

I think back and see in my memory still shots of smiles, your 1st try at baby food, you rolling around on the floor to travel from point A to B, crawling, pulling yourself up, huge grins and you raising your arm in the air like Hitler shouting YEA!!!.... teetering with little steps, walking...

I love these little snapshots of milestones embedded in my mind. I hope I never forget them and, if I do, I hope I have captured most of it in photographs.

Here are photo's from the last 3 days.


Here monkey, you drink!

My turn!

Learning to dance

chillin out giving me the 'snort snort'

no more pictures mom!


  1. what wondeful pictures!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! The close up pic is SO cute!


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