Monday, March 13, 2006

~challenge~ All about Blogging!

1. What time of year do you blog the most?
Well, I am fairly new to the blogging scene but notice I enjoy writing about my day as I have gotten use to having a blog.

2. What time of year do you seem to blog the least?
Near the holidays (christmas, thanksgiving)

3. What time of DAY do you do your most blogging?
In the morning usually while Samantha (my middle child) sleeps

4. When blog-hopping, do you tend to look at your blogroll list (or fave blogs) to see which ones have been updated, or do you visit your faves on a regular basis regardless?
I use twopeas as my blogroll I guess, and visit the sites of those whom respond to an update thread.

5. Do you change your blogroll often?
Don't have one

6. How many times a day, after writing a new post, do you check for new comments?
7. Do you leave comments on others' blogs, or are you more of a lurker?
If I find something I can relate to, I like to leave a comment.


  1. THanks for doing the challenge!

  2. Wanted to let you know I stopped by! All of your pictures are really cute!


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