Monday, March 20, 2006

I made some cards and

I kinda liked making them. Worked on some of these Sunday while Katelyn and Doug went out and had a day to themselves. I made 5 thank you cards for family/friends (and one today) and now I just have to mail them out. I took a quick picture of them as I was too lazy to scan them in, the middle kidlet wouldn't have let me without lifting up on the scanner lid anyways, and did I mention I was too lazy? *smirk*

For my 1st time... I am pleased ;)

I won a kit at WT on the 18th. I couldn't believe I actually won something!
I can't wait to get it... it will also be my first kit ever. I did subscribe to a kit club and did a tryout membership of 3 months. It's gonna run me around $21, and if it keeps me out of the LSS, then I can tell myself I am actually saving money. (I really think I am!)

Next on my wishlist is the WISH BLADE.

I keep hoping I will see Doug walk through the door with a box in his hand and say, "Here you go honey, I love you more than ever and you SO deserve this." ahhhhhhh then I wake up....

I went to target today to pink up a couple of ink cartridges and a gallon of milk. I must admit I peeked in the SB section and saw some cute stuff, I didn't buy it though and I am proud of myself. I am printing out pictures at home to get some motivation to get started on our family album. I'm not real sure how I should go about starting it. What should I include in the family album? Should it always be ALL the kids and us in it for each page? Can I do individual pages on each of the kids in the 'family' album? I know I want to have individual albums for the kids... I don't know... and this is what stops me from getting started. If you have any idea's... lemme know :)

Oh, and thanks to Karen and the girls at 2peas who took a moment to let me know how to go about cutting and folding the paper to make my cards :)

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