Saturday, March 11, 2006

We need some damn towels

clean... like pronto!

Doug forgot about the towels in the washer, so now I am washing them twice. I actually sent Katelyn down there to wash them. A great fringe benefit of her taking up occupancy in the basement! So I can't shower until later today. Speaking of towels, Cameron got his first big boy bath last night.

Samantha was up before the crack of dawn. The birds were chirping, I still don't understand what their so happy about. All I know is I want to nap and go find party streamers later so I can decorate for Sam's party tonight. So since she woke up up early (Katelyn & I) we decided to go do some grocery shopping and pick up some doughnuts. Katelyn wanted to put a candle in a doughnut and give it to sam this morning... I thought it was cute :)
I'll update later tonight or tomorrow with some birthday cake pictures :)

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  1. Oh, that candle blowing picture is so cute! Happy birthday to little Samantha!


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