Monday, March 20, 2006

{challenge from WT} Music

Amy asks: What kind of music do you prefer, what are you currently listening to, what songs/artists put you in a good mood, favorite song/artist/album of all time, do you have an iPod, songs that mean something special or remind you of a special time...The possibilities are endless!

My absolute favorite song this month (and I think many months to come) is You're Beautiful by James Blunt. This singer is amazing. I first heard the song on Smallville when Clark finally realizes he will never be able to tell Lana about his true self in order to protect her. It gives me goosebumps whenever I hear/sing it. I love singing this song. It makes me feel melancholy, sad, happy, hopeful, warm, expectant all rolled into one emotion. This song is in my playlist for windows media, I usually listen to it once a day.

My absolute favorite era of music is from the 80's. So many wonderful one hit wonders... rock, rap.. love it all. Songs that come to mind are Lady in Red, Pour Some Sugar On Me, TNT, Oh heck.. did I say just 80's. I love the early 90's too. This music just makes me feel HIP and YOUNG again... back to my teenage years. I also like the songs on the top 40 playing on the radio... I think I need to get a karaoke machine so Katelyn and I can pelt out these songs at the top of out lungs if we want.. we really enjoy singing, even if it does sound like a pack of cats in heat... *laughing*.


  1. I'm also a totally 80s girl. It's embarrasing when those songs comes on the radio in scrapbooking stores and I start singing along with it. My husband was about to disown me everytime I do something silly like that.

    Thanks for leaving comments on my layouts (2peas). You are too sweet! Thank you!


  2. alot of us out there love all this music too!! what fun times in the 80's and 90's!!!


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