Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy sucky day

Yesterday was our four year wedding anniversary (together 11 years come november) so I decided real quick to make up a mini album for D to have at work. I loved it, and considering I am so new to the SB world, was very proud of myself.
You can click the picture to see a larger version.

Here it is closed.
Here it is open.. notice the third panel is closed.
And open all the way.
I rushed off to D's work to take him lunch and give him this anni present. No money this year, so this is as good as anything I can think of. He loved it. Guess that is good. To make a HUGE long wickedly downer story short, our anniversary sucked. We were suppose to go out tonight, but I have to cancel because I am worn out. I would have a suckass time, and I'm doing a good enough job of that on my own all by myself...
I am gonna try to grab a shower soon, so that will make me feel better... oh I promised pictures the other night... here's a couple.
This little guy will be six weeks on monday. Man how the sleepless nights fly!
this is hilarious. She was eating beef macaroni.


  1. That album looks awesome! I love it! And those photos are just priceless. What little cuties!

  2. Love the album you made! Sorry the anniversary didn't turn out as planned.

    Love the kiddo photos! Too cute!!


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