Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh yeah

pictures make me feel BETTER!

I love my camera. I love love love it! The battery lasts forever before having to recharge it. I decided it's about time I do that though, and take the pictures off the card from yesterday.

Katelyn had a project she has to do for school. She has to come up with a new species of an animal, provide a couple examples of its adaptations. A bunch of stuff. After spending an hour working on that, she sits down to read. It was beautiful outside yesterday... I can't decide if I would have rather had her ride her bike or sit down to read. *smirk*

Samantha opened the door and I noticed Katelyn's reflection in the door while reading, so I captured that. Since it was so nice Katelyn eventually decided it was much too nice to sit around doing nothing, so while we waited on the baked potatoes to cook on the grill we took the little kidlets for a walk. Oh, and get this. Samantha the little stinker decided it was high time she played in the toilet... look what I found in there after getting dressed to go on the walk.

Yeah, this was before Doug was home so I had to dig the darn slipper out of there myself! :(

Cameron wide awake this morning. The little cutie is now asleep wearing a reebok outfit that I will have to get a picture of later!


  1. Such fun pictures :D

    Read your post about the mood swing / marriage stuff. Ya know... it's just hard some days. Don't beat yourself up over it. Hugs to you!

  2. Hugs are appreciate francine :) I know we go through spouts like this once in awhile, just must be aggravated from adjusting to having a new baby. Thanks again for the hugs.


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