Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mood swings are for the birds

I don't know WTH is up with my mood lately, but it sure is raging from loving mom and wife to bitch in .003 seconds. I will own up to my bitchiness, as long as HE owns up to his forgetfulness and crap we talked about last night.

I have figured out this is a good place to vent and hopefully let go of the thoughts and feelings which are stressing me out. The down side is I know that Doug reads my blog when I update it. Do I get a new one so I can really hash stuff out? Will I refrain and think too much about what I write before I publish my entry? All I really know is life with a hubby hasn't been easy the last two days. I hate having this negativity radiating from me. My personality is usually upbeat, and I try to see the bright side of a situation, and I can say this - I am feeling better already just from writing this out... so it's a start on the road to happiness again.

I guess I need to not let the small stuff bug me so much.

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