Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is here...

and I genuinely forgot how much my allergies and Spring don't mix well together.
I've had a headache the last three days upon waking, and it just doesn't go away easily. Ouch.
The pretty weather is worth it though.  I need to start thinking about what I'll be putting in the garden this year. We have a LOT of work to do out there... I'm too embarrassed to show a photo.. it's horrid, Truly.

Doug called the police department on Tuesday to inquire about the hit and run investigation. After he was redirected three times, he was finally able to speak with the lead H&R investigator only to find out that he had NEVER heard about our case before Tuesday. WTH? Argh. Then he goes on to explain since Jan. '10 he's had over 300 cases because of all the illegals in the area. Basically all they have to do is take an electric bill into DMV with their name on it, and they can gets a car registered in their name. Isn't that silly? geesh. So then, they take their cool new registration, steal plates or however they obtain them, and Look legal. I digress...
Just right now I have the bestest daughter in the whole world.  She made cookies and brought me a few on a plate all nice n warm with a glass of milk. *smooch* so sweet.

This weeks challenge over @ Treasured Erin talked about balance and symmetry. Oy.. and we had to describe the symmetry used on our layout, etc. eeks.. so not good at that sort of thing, but I enjoyed it thoroughly! Here's my layout.
I mixed some old and new on here.. old elsie and rusty pickle with new from Treasured's march kit.

Psssttt... Scrapper is having a CROP this weekend starting tomorrow! Hope you'll join in the fun! I can't wait for all the challenges!

Eeks.. and I almost forgot. Samantha lost her first tooth last night! OMG.. isn't 5 too young?  She's got a well check up Monday at the Dr's so I will definitely inquire there... she didn't hit her mouth or anything, just looked up last night and said.. momma, my tooth isn't in the right spot!  Thank GOD for Doug.. I hate dealing/looking at/messing with teeth.
Samantha was thrilled when she woke up this morning and noticed the tooth fairy brought her 'two green dollars!!!!' ;)

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