Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life lessons revisted

Last night like any other typical middle of the week night... we wait too late to start dinner and decide we would rather go out instead to grab a quick bite to bring home. 1 minute from the house I realized we left both phones at home.. Katelyn had no way to contact us in case of an emergency. What we realized tonight as parents, we had no way to contact HER either. 4 minutes from the house, waiting at a stop light, we were rear ended. Thankfully, we weren't hurt, and the children weren't with us. Doug puts on the flashers, hops out of the car, he gets to the end of our car nearing the car who hit us, and the driver took off. I heard Doug scream HEY and saw the car race by us. HIT and RUN! Jokes on that sucker though, cuz I got his license plate #.

A good Samaritan asked us if we were ok, I said yes, and did he have a phone we could borrow? He pulled off to the side of the road, we followed. Our car isn't damaged that badly, two holes in the bumper. We spoke to the police and said they would send a car out to us. 15 minutes later, another car pulled near us. It wasn't the police, but another good Samaritan. This uber cool momma saw what happened and followed the car who hit us. She got the license plate number, make/model of the car, and tried to give us a description. She said he was speeding the entire time she was following him. I'm so thankful there are still good people out in the world... I guess the only weird part is you can't look at someone and tell if their a good soul or not. She confirmed the plate number we had given to police on the phone. We were hopeful it wouldn't take too long for the police to arrive, maybe 45 minutes? Ha. Guess there was a lot of crime in town at 6:36 last night, because it took them over 1 hour 20 minutes to arrive. I was so worried about the kids. I knew Katelyn had probably started to worry, and realized there were several lessons in life I had revisited and learned from again last night.

1. Never leave the house without your shoes on. I just felt vulnerable.
2. Never leave the house without your friggin CELL phone. I couldn't contact anybody!!!!!
3. Make sure your current auto insurance information is in the glove compartment, and not just in your purse. I left my purse at home since Doug was driving.
4. Never leave home without your purse.
5. There ARE still good people in this world.  It's easy to forget about the kind souls that are willing to help out in an emergency. We had four tonight ask us if we needed help, and two of them assisted us. I'm so thankful for those angels last night.

I had a lot to think about in those quiet moments while we were waiting on the police officer to arrive... I'm sure half of the lessons I learned last night didn't end up in this post. I really hope they catch the guy who sped off. Thank the good Lord above he didn't hurt somebody, and hopefully he didn't on his way to wherever he was. The police said they have an in house unit that deals specifically with hit and runs. Really? I never knew that. I wonder how big/small their department is?

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