Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun day outside

The weather was nice outside... warm with a breeze, overcast with gray clouds and just a bit of blue peeking though, almost chilly, but not if you kept moving.
You know it's time to put up the shovel for Spring when you see THIS in there.
Worms.. haha, I asked Cameron if he wanted to pick one up and eat it.
His expression was so cute.. we see this one a lot when he's thinking about something, or trying to be funny.  He said noooooooo!
We pulled out the chalks we got from Grandma, and drew pokemon and rainbows.
Samantha hard at work drawing a Pikachu ;)
I'm pretty sure you didn't know it, but this is the largest pokemon ever... the tail is almost as long as the porch is... :)
This was one of like three moments Cameron sat still long enough to grab a photo.  He was drawing me a rainbow to chase the rain away.
Most photos were blurry with him on the run
and like this
We had to investigate the moss and tulips coming up around the tree
And then I realized just how long we'd been out there enjoying the sun when I saw how much chalk Samantha was wearing on her jeans and funky lil denim boots.
Oh yes, and the bestest part besides the cute photos?
I convinced my sweet Doug to take down the Christmas lights.

I'm pretty certain we're not redneck.. but just in case
Here's your sign! ;-)
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