Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy 8 years!

Yesterday was Doug and I's anniversary. Married for 8 years now... and why is it I always think I have to put we've been together for such n such as a whole? (going on 15 since you were wondering.) ;) I don't know... lol
Doug decided to take a PTO day and just schlep at home with me n the munchkins. For the most part it was a quiet day.  I was thrilled to be able to glance over at him while I worked on scrappy stuff. 

We would take breaks and go watch 30 Rock. We're in season 2 right.. wondering why we waited so long to watch that show? It is so funny!!  I absolutely LOVE the pageboy Kenneth Parcell... he reminds me oddly enough of Pee Wee Herman.. it may be the reason why Doug hasn't 'made up his mind' about that character yet.  Gotta love Alec Baldwin too... he's so good on TV!

Back up a bit to Monday night.. we decided to get a quick meal out to bring home since it was late once we started thinking about dinner. While we were gone, Katelyn made a from scratch anniversary cake for us.
From scratch!!!!
It tasted wonderful. I'm so proud of her. We all stayed up until 10pm to eat it. lol (I told ya it was late. lol) She kept telling us, no you can't put S & C to bed yet.... ok. Then she surprised us with the cake.
Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?
Flip back to yesterday evening, Doug and I had plans to go out all by ourselves, (which we never do) and enjoy a quiet dinner together, but as we were getting ready the tears started flowing from Thing #2. (That's Samantha) Then Thing #3 started in (That's Cameron) with the don't leave us, we wanna spend time with you... my heart was breaking a little bit.. lol I'm so mushy. By the time we decided to leave the house, the kids were no longer sad, and seemed ok with mommy and daddy leaving for a bit without them. Doug and I decided to surprise the kids. We ordered take out from Olive Garden and brought it home. We all ate on the bed together and watched more 30 Rock. It was a good day. :)

Here's a layout I finished up yesterday. I crocheted around the edge of the layout, and used the cake topper from Thing 2 and Thing 3's birthday as a huge embellishment. I love it. It's hanging up right now in the foyer. It's so bright and cheery, and evokes the party theme perfectly. :) This is also for the challenge that is at Timeless Daydreams right now for Round 2.
Did I mention I have some news to share reallllly soon?
*squeals with delight*

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