Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Samantha!

This little princess turns 5 today.
Pay no attention to the spoiled pug. ;)

Right now Samantha is playing with her new legos she received from the birthday party this past weekend.
Her special birthday breakfast request was for eggs and bacon (I'm surprised it wasn't for Green eggs & ham as much as I have been reading that to them lately... I've *almost* got it memorized!) unfortunately the bacon had spoiled, so I substituted with pancakes. She had a "babycake" which is the smallest pancake made, and ALL the eggs with cheese. lol

I think we'll be going to TRU today so they can spend their "green dollars" that Papaw Crowe sent in their birthday cards.
Her lunch request is ravioli and shell cheese, and I *think* dinner will be fried chicken legs from mama, and KFC will provide the mashed taters and mac n cheese. (She doesn't like mama's taters.. haha)

Gotta run so I can play with sweetcheeks :)
I don't know WHO she gets it from ;)

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