Sunday, March 7, 2010

The long awaited party finally came!!

Doug and I left the house yesterday about an hour before the party was to start so we could run to Sam's and pick up the birthday cake, run to captain party for the balloons, and run to Kroger for the ice cream. When we left the house, the kids were bursting at the seams with excitement! *grins* I love seeing them so happy!
I LOVE this cake.. $32 for a huge cake surrounded by vanilla & chocolate cupcakes.
One side was for Samantha's candles, and the other side was for Cameron's candles.
We kept them guessing about the cake, and absolutely would NOT let them see it before it was time to make a wish... it was driving them nuts. I must admit, it was fun to return the favor a little bit! ;-)
So.. we opened presents first!
It was *almost* like Christmas again with the amount of goodies they received.
Having their party combined though was actually cheaper! For some reason I was shocked to learn this once I sat down to figure out the numbers. They each got 3 new outfits from us, and some learning/fun toys all for under $300... including the cake! I normally budget around $200 for birthdays, including cake and balloons. 
(Shannon & Grandma)
Their cousin Nick came over with their Great Aunt Pat & Uncle Dale, along with their cousin Shannon (who've not seen in two years.. wth not?? eeks.. we're getting SO bad about seeing everyone!) and of course Grandma & Papaw Hensley. Papaw Crowe in Ky sent birthday cards filled with $20 and lotsa love, and we'll be going to spend their money at TRU in the next couple of days with a $3 coupon compliments from Geoffrey and the birthday club. :)
Big sis handed out the prezzies... then we went for cake.
We forgot to grab any candles while we were out, thankfully I had one 10 pack of magical candles.. you know the kind. you can't blow them out on the first try.. haha. We had Nick and Katelyn join in to help.

We played until 10:30 last night with all the new stuff.. tried on clothes and walked the cat walk (this includes twirling around and jumping up and down) and played with the new legos.
Samantha & Cameron decided they wanted a sleepover in Samantha's room. She has a twin size bed so it would accommodate both of them nicely along with their bed pals Domino & Ooxie.

It was a ^GREAT^ day.
In two more days Samantha will officially turn FIVE. :)

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