Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The hat *huff*

Remember the crochet hat I spoke of Thursday?
What? You didn't read that post?
I can wait.. go.. GO read it!
*tap tap tap tap*
That was fast.. sure you read it all? *grins*
Anyway, Doug came though the door on Friday after work, sat down at his desk, and looked at me, "YOU CAN'T GIVE MY HAT TO CAMERON FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!"
Ok.. so he didn't yell, but he was exciteable.
First thing that popped into my head was "Crap. He read his bloglines today. uff"
Then I sipped on my coffee, looked at him with my sweet smile, the glint in my eye steely, wielding my Super Queenly Crowe powers, and I told him, "Ok.. I'll add to it, but it'll probably look funny!" *laugh*

I sat in bed while we watched a movie Sunday night and finished the hat. To my surprise.. it doesn't look funny on him at all.  I asked Samantha to run and get the hat for me so I could photograph it... 
Doug will roll the black brim up so it covers his ears...
I had to roll it up twice on Sammiecakes.


I have a happy hubby who better start wearing his hat to work in the cold mornings now. 
*insert steely glint with insanely massive Queen Crowe powers that only works on her husband and children here*

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