Saturday, October 18, 2008

12 years ago today

on a Friday afternoon @ 3:31 pm Katelyn Paige Crowe was born.

Our first child together. For us, a sign of our family starting. I can remember so many things just like it were yesterday. Her first: Smile, giggle, step, boo-boo, all the major holidays, Birthday Party...

She had this make believe friend when she was 4 called Henny. Henny was her right foot. *giggle* Now she's grown into this young lady who has real friends. A real passion for drawing, Pokemon, and music. She's taller than I am. Has hands almost as big as her daddy's. Has a sweet dispostion that can turn to snotty quicker than Jeckyll & Hyde. How each day that goes by I recognize she has SO many of my mannerisms. Quick wit and sarcasm to boot... that we basically only use on close family. (lol - I'm battling my teenage self.. and hello! she's not even a teen.. yet) My heart is so full today. Realizing how MUCH I love and adore this child.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, Katelyn!

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  1. happy birthday katelyn!!!
    and many more!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I know most young ladies don't want to hear this, but you look just like your mom....beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  3. happy Birthday Katelyn.....give your momma hell, lol! You do know that what goes around comes around right Leah ;)

  4. Happy happy birthday to Katelyn! Is that true what your momma says about you being kinda ornery? I just can't believe it! ;P

  5. Happy Birthday Katelyn! What a gorgeous photo!

  6. Happy Birthday, Katelyn!

    btw...I just posted a very similar blog post for my dd! :)


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