Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween all summed up

I was just taking a look at the photos from Devils Night and Halloween this morning. So many good ones waiting to be edited and scrapped. I chose a few of my favorites (ok. 10) so this post will be a little photo heavy. As always you can click on the pics to see them larger.

On Oct. 30th Samantha & Cameron painted their pumpkins after lunch. Sam kept mixing red & yellow together on her pumpkin. It was so cute. She was painting it orange. Layers and layers of orange.
Painting her pumpkin Painting the pumpkin
Cameron was drawn to all the colors. He painted them on thick too. Took an extra hour for his to dry, and I was already letting them use the Making Memories paint. If you've used that, you know how quickly that stuff dries.

The kids and I went out to order pizza from Domino's then while we were waiting on the order to cook, we drove around looking at the houses in the area and Halloween decor. I let Katelyn get some shots using my Canon. She feels so grown up when I let her use it. Anyway, we grabbed pizza, took it home to eat, and got started on carving our pumpkins. Last year, you wouldn't have caught Samantha willing sticking her hand inside her pumpkin. Oh the changes in one single year. She scooped most of the icky pumpkin guts out by herself. Cameron too. They were SO fun this season.
Samantha Cameron Can carve her own now.
Since we bought our pumpkins so last minute this year, we just went with standard geometric shapes. It was fun, and a lot less work! Katelyn carved her own too. Samantha & Cameron told me the shapes they wanted for their eyes and stuff, and I cut them out.

Kissing his pumpkin Cameron loved his pumpkin with two noses, and gave it a little kiss. (the 2nd nose looked more like a booger)
All done
Sam loved her heart nose best, and the moon eye :)

Halloween was just busy all day long. For some darn reason I had a hair up my butt and decided to make sugar cookies. The little ones helped me cut shapes out after lunch, and we baked them. After nap, the time flew. I started cooking dinner @ 4 we ate, and started getting everyone ready. Katelyn's first year designing her own costume AND going out alone with friends. I didn't have time to be nervous about it, and she had a great time. She went out with the BFF Big Sam, and Jessica. We put reflective tape on their backs, gave them my cell phone, and let them go. They were back by 8:30 and had a blast together.
Gangs all here
Poison Ivy - Jessica, Blue Umbreon - Big Sam, Yellow Umbreon - Katelyn, The Princess Samantha, and the lil engine that wouldn't hold still - james.. err Cameron. :)
It was fun, but I'm glad the month is over with.
Samantha the Princess
James the Train

I'll also be happy when this election is over. All the campaign mail and ads we've been getting has been crazy. At least 3-4 pieces a day for the last two weeks! Not looking forward to the lines tomorrow, but it must be done. =)

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  1. It looks like you and the family had a wonderful time. Love the pumpkins pics! How cute! The kidlets looked so cute all dressed up! Love the look of the blog! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. It looks like you and the family had a wonderful time. Love the pumpkins pics! How cute! The kidlets looked so cute all dressed up! Love the look of the blog! Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Wow! Wonderful photos of your family having so much fun. Love your blog.

  4. Great pictures Leah love Princess sam and james aka cameron!very cute not sure what what Umbreon is??am i out of a loop somewhere??
    cute pumpkins!is it bad that we didn't do our til after halloween??had them for weeks that is that sad part just been crazy busy...and very sad i didn't take any pictures!!bad girl!

  5. OMG! Great pics Leah! Your kiddos are just so darned cute!

  6. Those guys are toooooo cute - it's been way too long since I've been to your blog!!



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