Monday, October 13, 2008

TallyScrapper's Oct. kit. yumm~o people!!

Umm yeah. this is the kit. If I didn't get it as a perk, I would buy this in a heart beat!! I predict it to sell out quickly. It's hot. It's priced just right at $22.99. You get a lot of BANG for your buck. (teehee, I said "bang" )
I've scrapped 5 layouts with this beauty, and have more leftover for another layout, atc's or cards... and I'm a lay it on heavy scrapper.. this kit goes a LONG way!

Check out what the design team has done with this one. Here are my creations.
Love starts here

Love starts here - close up

Friday's Child

Friday's Child - close up

Everyday life

Everyday life - close up

1st jump

1st jump - close up

And there we have it.
Sweet kit goodness, all packaged and ready to head out to you.
They go on sale Wednesday the 15th around NOON mountain time.
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  1. Hey Leah i love your haloween header,hugs.

  2. wow, Leah - another awesome Tally kit !!!

    love the new header ... great idea to make it fit the season!

  3. oh girl you so ROCK'D the bleep out of this kit!!awesome girl!

  4. Gorgeous Kit and even better layouts! Thanks for the blog love friend :)

  5. Love what you've done with the kit!! SO excited for this one....I'll bet it sells out FAST!
    From your previous post: Yeah, the economy does suck, and it is scary! I have high hopes for our next president....really hope he can turn things around. Until then, I'm in denial about the fact that we now have NO savings and our 401K has been cashed in.....ugh.

  6. I must have this kit! And I never buy kits. That yellow layout you did with the book plates is absolutely fantastic and such a clever way to use those!


  7. You are so right about that kit Leah! I had the privilege of seeing it in person at the rally and it's awesome! It's going to go fast! Love what you've done with it that's for sure! You're rockin' it!


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