Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

What's stuck in my head the last couple of days is actually capturing some of the really teensy teeny parts of the day that are the norm, but something that phases out quickly as the children grow older. Ali Edwards compiled a week in the life album. She strapped the camera to her and captured everything from the exciting to the mundane. I want to do something similar, but base it on a month in the life... I compiled an album in October '06 and it's still one of my favorite albums to flip through. We're only 7 days into October... so I may have to get creative with the first 6 days of the month.... although ideas are brewing as I type this.

Today, during lunchtime, Samantha insisted on helping make her bologna & cheese sandwich... she's insisted in the past and I did not think of it anything more than a slight nuisance mixed with slight cuteness... this time though, I *DID* remember that camera, and whipped it out.

i can do it myself! making a sandwich

Granted, she was almost finished making it.. but I'm glad I will remember this now in the future. And it was the very first time she asked for ANY condiment on her sandwich... mayo. I don't know why I actually allow her to have bread, mayo, and cheese, because the only part she really eats, besides the 1st bite, is the deli meat.

taking a bite Maybe I keep out hope that one day, she'll eat a sandwich in the normal way, with bread? ;)

Cameron on the other hand hates bologna, hot dogs, ham, roast beef.... he LOVES peanut butter.... and he will eat PB&J's with strawberry jam, but his FAV is with gwape jelly. Just hearing his little voice with his annunciations echo in my head, makes my heart smile. just this week, Sunday to be exact, he ate all around the inside of the sandwich and left the crust behind. More pwease? he asks. How funny. As I was getting ready to make another I said, you don't like the edges? he goes, Nooooooo. lol I said, you want me to cut them off? He grins, and says, sho-wah (sure.) *giggling* The only child out of the three who does NOT like the crust. (you can't count Samantha.. she doesn't even eAt the bread!) Being the mom that I am, I cut the crust off.
poor crust wheat no crust
And yes, he has graduated to eating two of these little sandwiches when it's time for P&J.
He also likes it when I write little C's in the peanut butter, even with the jelly covering it up.c butters jellly over the c's pb&j w/no crust

Cameron also has this thing that he's done since his injury to his mouth back in February... he hates anything to be on his mouth. drool, food, whatever.. must wipe at it. He's decided the quickest thing possible is to just use his arms. He's been doing this for months, and I've finally caught him in mid swipe.
arm napkins
The end of my camera session was me telling Samantha... you have to eat that bread.. you asked for it, made the sandwich, now you gotta eat it! sighhhhhhhh she pulls this on me. It's no fair I tell ya!
Sam pouting
Funny.. but what I didn't capture were the teensiest of little tears pooling in her eyes. Oh, the horrors of eating wheat bread with mayo & cheese! *grins*

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  1. Great post!! Love the mid swipe pic! lol!

  2. Oh, how sweet! Our kids are so similar...I cut their PB&J sammiches into triangles, then Jack and Jake both eat them like a watermelon slice, leaving the crust behind. I ask ya, what is SO BAD about the crust?? It's the best part, IMO, but what do I know? lol


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