Saturday, October 25, 2008

the nasties

We watched The Never-ending Story 3 this morning with the babes. Doug is sick. My throat is scratchy, Cameron feels funky towards bedtime. I put some Vick's rub on his chest last night before bedtime, then we pulled out the warm mist humidifiers to get some moisture in the air.

Katelyn has a Halloween party sleepover she is going to this afternoon. I need to stop by CVS or Walgreen's and find some yellow and black face paint. We made her costume.. she'll be an Umbreon from Pokemon.

Cute huh? She's been drawing more in Microsoft Paint on the computer. She can really draw these Pokemon so nicely. I'd say her favorite to draw right now are different variations of the above. She makes them up and names them different versions of the original. Wish I had a copy of her drawings on my computer to share here.

I haven't edited photos from her party yet. Been so busy this week. And, I realized I got lazy about blogging because of twitter. It's so easy to just tweet and be done every couple of hours.

I received my TSS kit a few days ago. Scrapped like a madwoman and was done with my required items in 2 days. I'll share that later today or tomorrow. Really FAB kits this month!
Off to work on a super secret something.. a tutorial of sorts. Hope it comes out how I envisioned it. And I must add... I LOVE the google spellchecker add in. :)

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  1. Hope you all feel better!

  2. I asked my son if he recognized the drawing K did...he said, "Yeah, that's Umbreon, one of the 7 evolutions of Evie." Well, duh! lol


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