Friday, October 10, 2008

I couldn't wait ANY longer...

It was time to dress the blog in it's halloween costume. *evil witch laughter*

ok... so it's not that cool. It's all the fun I can muster considering THIS weekend.. today in fact marks the TallyRally in SC that I had planned on going to. I won't write long, or else I would sit here whining... nothing has gone right this last week.... I'm scared about the economy... how the next president will handle things here in the US and overseas.... and now how I can't wait til hubby turns 38. *sigh*

Did I mention I HATE the laws in KY? Their so backwards. ok
rant over. I have some goodies to show you this weekend with STACI's awesome October kit from TallyScrapper!

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  1. the blog looks awesome....all ready for halloween!!!! and I'm so glad you're working with my kit!! love your work!!

  2. Those pictures are so cute!! I think it looks good!!

  3. Love those cuties in costume!!

  4. Looks great! Wish my blog looked cool :( lol!

  5. love your dressed up blog!your banner is super FAB!

  6. love the halloweeny blog!
    missed you this weekend, it was so fun to meet every1 i really wished you could have made it, maybe next time huh?????

    that is if i can convince the dh that i need to attend another across the country! lol :) or we could always have a texas one!

  7. Love your banner! I so need to try this one of these days! And all of us at the rally so wished you could have been there with us! Hugs!


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