Sunday, October 26, 2008

I seem to think a lot about

Family, Food, and Birthdays. Maybe its because we have SO many birthday parties to go to.. especially in July and Oct/Nov, not to mention the regular festivities too. My step dad turned 45 today. Hard to believe he is just 10 years older than my husband. Mom married young this time. LOL

Mom made a mini turkey feast for his dinner. It was good, but mine is better. When did THAT happen? You know, learning to cook better than my mom. I guess I've gained loads of experience with feeding the three youngin's over the last few years. Still, some things I'll never ever be able to replicate. Her speghetti... her pineapple upside down cake, grilled potatoes w/pepperoni... coffee cake.

I wish I knew WHO was hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. I like to know ahead of time.. at least 8 weeks ahead of time. I don't know why, because I'll procrastinate getting things in order anyway if I'M the one hosting.. but still... ;)

Katelyns' BFF's mom asked if I would sew her DD's costume together for halloween, since Katelyn and BFF are the same exact thing this year. (see post below.. the Umbreon) Katelyn will be the yellow/black one, and BFF will be blue/black. Anyways, I said yes since the BFF's mom didn't have a sewing machine. After we got home, I made lunch and got busy on working on this outfit. Should be easy, right? OMG. Wrong. So very freaking WRONG!!!!!

If it could go wrong, it did. The hoodie she used was much, much thinner than my DD's hoodie, and the flet she had cut out for the ears was really stiff. Did you know they made stiff felt? I thought it was cool until I went to sew the ears together and stuff 'em. Trying to stuff them with the batting, the thread kept unraveling... had to re-sew and try a different approach. Then, DD tried the hoodie on so we could mark where to cut the holes for the ears to be sewn in at.

Nightmarish nightmare I tell you. The first time we tried, we marked the ears too FAR back on the head.... then I realized the problem after I had sewn the ears in. Had to rip them back out. Three times! We then have this gaping hole in the head of the hoodie.. and one crooked non standing up ear. The needle on the sewing machine had to be thread a lot. The needle broke once. The bobbin didn't want to be engaged..,, had to re-thread the bobbin.. twice. I scared myself because I didn't know if I had anymore black thread or not. (i did.. phew)

It's been an adventure. I thought I would have to go buy a dang cheap hoodie for K's BFF before the night was through. Hope K's BFF and mom isn't pissed about the hole. ayiyi! I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow I can't wait to show you what I did with The Scrapping Spot's November kit. It's a gorgeous one!

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  1. Hi Leah!

    I can't wait to see what you do with that kit also ...

    I am wondering who is making Thanksgiving dinner this year also ... DH *might* be home from Iraq for Thanksgiving, but don't have any dates yet.


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