Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm far too lazy to type this all out again, but this is what I posted on message boards earlier today. If you pray, we sure would appreciate them! I'll update when I hear anything more!

>>>I just got word an hour ago, that my uncle was in an explosion. He was working on his camper in the backyard, getting ready to light the stove, and it exploded. He's in ICU at the moment and that's about all I know. His name is Dale. I would really appreciate prayers for him, and also my cousin, Amy. She has burns on her arms that I know of, and I know she put Dale out with a fire extinguisher.

I would be up at the hospital, but my aunt wants nobody up there right now. I'm so torn. ugh. Anyway, if I'm not on much, you'll know why. Thanks! xoxo


*update* My aunt called me. They are having to transfer my uncle to UVA hospital because his burns are too serious for the hospital in town to take care of. UVA is 2.5 - 3 hours away. They started transport around 4 or so, and made it there right before 6pm. I don't know what she's going to do. Her daughter, Amy is driving her up... they just dropped off one of Amy's children off around 6, and are heading up to UVA right now.

My Uncle had his shirt off when he went to light the stove.. he's a pretty hairy guy, they said he was pretty lucky his shirt was off, and that he had loads of hair on his chest, it helped to protect his skin some. He definitely has 1st & 2nd degree burns, and unsure if there are 3rd degree or not based on the assessment here in town. They have him on oxygen with a tube down his throat, he's been fighting the sleep medicine, so they had to restrain him during transport. I think he's resting finally.

My aunt called, and Ronald McDonald House is making her pay $15 a night for a single bed.... seems odd, as I always thought their stuff was based off donations, how much you could donate to them, etc. Dale was the sole bread winner because my aunt is on disability... thankfully, he has insurance through work... but for the other stuff... I'm sure it's a huge worry right now.

I'm rambling.. I'll check in later. Thanks so much for the prayers.<<<

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