Thursday, June 26, 2008

pug in a purse

haha - so we took Miss Bella Ooxie to Petsmart the other day, and since we had no collar to fit her (which was the reason for the trip in the first place) Katelyn put her in an old purse. She fit perfectly, and even slept in it. Hysterical. So, until she's bigger, maybe we'll just take her on outings in a purse.. the whole leash and collar thing is over rated anyways! ;P

pug in a purse

Ooxie is such a mommas girl right now.... when she wants to sleep, she wants me to hold her so she can nuzzle up along my neck. I love that... except for when I need to be @ the computer... or to scrap. I forgot how much work taking care of a puppy is.. it reminds me greatly of a newborn.. except for the sleepless nights. She actually sleeps through the night better than Cameron does. *snicker*

I am actually a part of TWO, count 'em.. TWO ONLINE crops this weekend.. The Scrapping Spot & TallyScrapper

Both should prove to be a ton of fun... prizes, games, and conversation on the MB's.
Come check them out!

Oh, and there are as of last night, only a couple of the kits left for July available at The Scrapping Spot.... their flying off the shelves!

Speaking of kits, shelves, and almost being sold out... did I forget to mention that Christine gave me the opportunity to design JULY's TallyScrapper kit?! There is a peek HERE with a FULL blown peek coming this weekend!! I'm SO excited about this kit... which I think will be named, Sweet Summer Sunshine... why break with the Tally tradition?? Most ALL the kits have started with S's! ;)

Yeah baby, I'm stoked!


  1. i'm stoked too! love the pug in a purse.

  2. how freakin adorable!! and congrats on designing the kit! im sure it will be fab!

  3. Cyber CROP! Cyber CROP!!

    I love that kit should totally go with that! :)

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kit's NAME!!! Perfect.

  5. aww cute puppy!
    I can't WAIT to see your kit Leah!

  6. ooooooohhhhh..... i want a doggie like that!!!!

  7. girl, you are one busy WOMAN! loving the baby!!! so cute! and congrats on all the work you are able to do, I don't know how you manage! the music rocks sister! miss you so much!!!!


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