Monday, June 2, 2008

sex days aren't bad

Oh. typo. I meant SIX days... now my mind is stuck thinking about sex, I don't even have a clue why I was thinking six.... now I am definitely thinkin' sex. Hubby gets home in 45 minutes... heeheehee

Yeah, anyway. I'm getting better at HORSE shoes! woot! I got two ringers yesterday and a leaner, not to mention a ton more single points. I am beginning to like horse shoes! And if you play in your suit, you can jump in the pool to cool off. Perfect.

Doug & I took the irish twins to get their hair cut in a salon... it was their first time. Both were terrified at first, but once they were calmed down, and I was certain they weren't going to get themselves poked, I snapped a shot. :)

I love this one of Cam.. he was all done.

She chopped the heck out of Sam's hair.. before I knew it, her long hair was gone! SNAP.
here's a after shot. Check out the layout in this post for her before shot!

I miss her wild hair on the sides sticking out every which way.

Love me some Rusty Pickle & Prima!


  1. They both are so darn cute!!!

  2. I love those pics, and she looks cute! Like a little pixie!

  3. You are funny, Leah!! But no, what's wrong with thinking about s*x?? :p

  4. leah you are too funny! cute pics of the haircuts!

  5. omg, i just adore that page, it is amazing, leah!

  6. pictures are gorgeous, so are your layouts and in a few weeks i'll be getting to meet you irl!

  7. lol pervert hope ya fill your 'sex' need ;)really love the be kind LO!awesome AWESOME job!some great eye candy going on!and there new hair do's look very cute!


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