Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BESTEST birthday present EVER!

Happy early birthday to ME!

I've been wanting this little baby for just under a year now... bringing it up at least once or twice a month in hopes of weakening Doug's resolve. Can you guess what it is that I've been wanting?

Yes, probably that... maybe that, too!
But what I've been asking for is this:

Happy birthday to me!
awwwwwwwwwwww isn't she precious???
She'll be 3 months old this Saturday. She's AKC and we just need to register her, and get her last set of shots. I got her 10 days early as my birthday gift. I'm SO thrilled Doug bought her for me. I'm still in shock!

I've named her Ooxie (ook-see), still working on her middle names and all that jazz... want to make sure before I register her. I'm still thinking Bella Ooxie, not sure though.

she likes to lick.. a LOT!

loves nibbling... even rings
and nibble too... at one point I was thinking nibbler.. or nibblet.. lol

lickalicky 2
more lickalickies

this is where she rests
she loves sleeping right under your chin/neck area

sweet huh?
Thank you, Doug, you are the best my love!


  1. Awwww... that must be the cutest present ever!! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH!! :)

  2. OMG!!i am soo jealous how stinkin adorable is she!!omg i just want to eat her up!when i first read it i was thinking you were trying to say you were expecting :)!!! can't wait to see them scrapped!!give her a kiss for me :)

  3. she is a cutie!!!
    I bet she will make perfect crap apges soon!!!
    happy early birthday too you!!

  4. She's precious, Leah!! Can't wait to see some layouts about Ooxie!! Love that name, by the way!!

  5. Although I have recently agreed with Scott that we will NOT be getting a dog for at least the next several years, after seeing these pictures I'm all unsure! Oh my she is just a dolly! Andrew and I are in love! Andrew wants you to know he loves the name bella ooksie and she is a cute puppy!

  6. Oh Leah your pup is TOO CUTE for words! enjoy her and happy EARLY birthday to you! eva

  7. aww! so cute!
    happy birthday to you.

  8. She is cute!
    Happy Birthday Leah!!! so when us your actual birthday??

  9. Such a sweet little poopie dawg! I love the name Bella Ooxie, but if you're unsure, well...here are my suggestions (you can laugh if you want)...Veruca Ooxie, Ooxie Bloom, Ooxie Blue, Ooxie Capri, Ooxie Winx...and that's all I've got. Give her a sloppy tongue kiss from me, will ya? :)

    Also, so glad to hear that your uncle is doing better than expected...will continue to pray for his healing. How about Amy? Are her wounds mostly better? Thinking of you and your family! {{{hugs}}}

  10. Awww! Look at your darlin little Ooxie. What a lil sweetie. Big points to hubby for taking the hint :)

    I love Bella Ooxie :) Or maybe Ooxie Loo

  11. oh what a little sweetheart! and i'm not a pet person at all! she's adorable, happy early birthday to YOU!! :)

  12. omg! how precious! i love him already. will i get to meet him next week? so glad your uncle is good and home. see you soon!

  13. OMGoodness... what a precious love!!! I am so jealous!!! :) Adorable!


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