Friday, May 16, 2008


Katelyn had this project due today in school. She had to cook a dish from a different country. She chose Mexican and went with a dessert called, Churros. Traditionally, you make a dough, put it in a pastry bag, and deep fry little strips. They seriously looked like turds from the photos online.

Then we found a different way to make them that wasn't nearly as fattening. (IMO) We used reduced fat crescent rolls, slathered some butter on them, cinnamon & sugar, sliced them, then twisted. She has made them 3 times now and is considered a PRO in the Crowe household.

Don't they look tasty? Yup, they are! She gives her presentation, and a sample to the kids & teachers in her class today.

In other news, Tallyscrapper had the fastest sell out ever (I think) with the May kit. They were all gone in just under 4 hours of the release.
This is the last of my kit right here... all my paper is used up, I have just one journaling tag, a handful of ribbon scraps, and some hambly rub ons leftover. I can't wait to see what all the Tallyfolk do with the kit!

see my cute blog banner? Well, I used a lot of product from the kit in making it... I couldn't see it just go in the trash, so I turned it into a layout. Love it!

TGIF! Enjoy your weekend!

I have a wedding I am attending tomorrow. My cousin, Amy is getting married. As much as I tried talking her into hiring a wedding photographer, she wouldn't do it. She claims she isn't that interested in the photo aspect of it. I don't see why you wouldn't be if you've spent the last 8 months planning it... whatever. Oh yeah, and she asked ME to take some photos. I'm so dreading that. ugh.


  1. those look yummy! she should do a video for tally! love what you did with the kit! have fun at the wedding, i'm jealous. i want to go to a wedding!

  2. great stuff Leah - I can't wait to get my kit!
    good luck tomorrow and take lots of photos.

  3. Oooh...those look yummy! Love what you did with the kit! Rockin' as always!

  4. OMG those look DELISH!!!Preggo mama wants them!! might be making them this week-thanks! girl you totally rock'd the kit (as Gab said) as always!i am loving those stinking birds!!who makes them?i need them!

  5. I am hoping to get my kit today...I love your blog banner, and why would you NOT want pics of the wedding? I didn't hire a pro, but I treasure the pics I have, I actually pull them down ALOT and get all weepy! LOL

  6. Those look delicious!!
    miss you girl!!


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