Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sweet new dress

I didn't buy one, but made some cool new clothes for my blog. I even messed around with the HTML and messed with some colors of things. I made it with the May TallyScrapper kit. Love that kit so much.... I would seriously consider buying it if I didn't have a hubby who would throw a fit. It would go something like this.

Me: Honey, I love this kit SOOOO much, I'm going to buy one!
Honey: "Didn't you receive that from your DT?"
Me: Yep, but I gotta have one of those mini albums for myself.. and the paper.. the PAPER.. swoon.
Honey: "You must be high, no way you are buying one when you already used up one.. that would be silly!"
Me: It would be SILLY for me NOT to buy one... look at how many things I've completed with it in 4 days. A new blog header, 2 layouts, a mini album from Maya Road... I see your point about the stamp... I could RAK that, cuz I wouldn't need two.... can I pleaseeeeeeee with kisses you know where buy another kit... ?

And that last line might let me have my way.... but I really don't feel like having this fight with him all over again... even if I would WIN! ;)


  1. So what I need to KNOW is how you got that black bar below your banner?

  2. lol. but Leah, you NEED another one!
    love the new blog header.

  3. I can understand why you want another! The stuff you have created using it is amazing!!

  4. Girl next time don't ask just get Love your new banner wish i could do that!

  5. Love the new page header & colors!

  6. love the new colors and the the new banner,!

  7. Love the header!! You have done a brilliant job!


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