Saturday, May 3, 2008

brought to you by the letters N, S, and D

WOOHOOO National Scrapbook Day is here, and I am not scrapping. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. So much up in the air right now at home. For starters, my computer is toast. Need to replace the hard drive in it after hubby gets our server going again downstairs with ALL our data copied back onto it.

Hubby let me borrow the laptop from work, so my typing speed has dimenished 10 fold trying to get use to a laptop, and also a non ergonomic keyboard is slowing me down tremendously. Then my uncle brought over his computer for Doug to take a look at it. Funny stuff how everything goes down hill at once.... except I am not laughing. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to have a bitch & whine fest here soon so you all know what is going on with me.

Not today though. Today is one of those sacred Holidays don'tcha know. Anyways, what are you doing to celebrate? Tallyscrapper is having an ALL WEEKEND crop. Of course, most of my readers are loyal tally fans. lol ALSO, is having sketches posted today. Lots of fun inspiration there. If you post your creations tonight, you can have your prize shipped to you in the next kit. Awesome stuff there too.

I'm loving my new role at Tally. I just can't wait to meet some tallygirls there sometime... although I have to be honest, with the new series of events spiraling into my life at the moment, I may have to cancel my trip to the SC TallyRally in October this year. It's a possibility in the back of my mind.. pbblttt

I don't have access to my photos or scrapped layouts to update at the moment, but I will as soon as I get my trusty computer back. This lapop thing could be fun if I give it a chance... maybe if I get used to the mouse and keyboard. lol

Oh.. sad note. My corn died and so did my tomatoes... darn too much water I believe. I'll give it one more shot out in the garden once we get it ready for planting.
Hope all my scrappy friends are living it up and scrapping their asses off!


  1. Oh no Leah so sorry about your puter :( so sad when that happens!good thing Doug can fix it for you!Don't feel alone I have not done any scrapping at ALL today :( did some shopping (does that count):) i did go through ALL my magazine's and ripped out inspiration and made a cheese ringlet to use instead of a book!but going to try to do at least ONE page tonight!
    so sorry to hear about your corn and TOmatoes!!Someone told me when you plant tomatoes seeds to cook them for a bit before planting??did u ever hear that??well i hope that u can save them!!hope ur puter gets fixed ASAP!!

  2. ahh Leah. BUMMER about the computer!! I know what that's like, not having access to your photos and LO's. it's like draining all of your life blood. ugh!! I hope things start looking up for you again. been thinking of you lately!

  3. It's such a bummer when technology lets us down. I hope you get something better and faster! Happy NSD to you... I did only one challenge this weekend! Well, maybe I can get to more next week.

  4. hey now, hey now..don't dream it's over. hey now.... woman! you've had a rough weekend. this week just chill. i love you no matter how your tomato grows.


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