Thursday, May 22, 2008

TSS kit... and I'm a lil corny.

Finally! Finally I feel like we are *this close* to a REAL live looking garden. Tuesday Doug laid down the weed cover. Wednesday night he put up the fence so we can keep the dogs and kids out. I also went to three different nurseries and bought plants. I even was given a whole flat of broccoli.. Katie is in heaven over that one... hope it grows! And, I found corn! Bought all the lady had.. I was so happy. I planted it in the ground tonight. I can't wait to get a photo of my corn in the garden.. told you this was corny! ;)

I got my TSS JUNE DUDE kit the other day. Knocked out two layouts with it yesterday.. love all the goodies in the kit. I heard it through the grapevine they'll be hitting the store tomorrow sometime.. you should check them out. Awesome prices and product!
Check it out.

This one was so hard to do.... Cam hurt hisself back in February '08.. just a few days past his 2nd birthday. Anyway, I think you can read the journaling.

In case you can't read it.. it says, *Queen underpants on the run*
This girl will go outside with you.. no matter WHAT she is wearing... silly thing.

I still have tons of paper & goodies left to play with as well, and I plan on scrapping and planting more tomorrow!! Oh... and I went and bought pool chemicals today.. their so darned expensive! The kids are getting excited... Cam wants either a smiley face floatie, or a duck. I'd love to get him this boat with a cover on it. Their all around $40 a piece... and we're rough on our pool toys, they hardly make it to the next season! lol

OH. and get this. There are some type of critter swimmy bugs that grew in the icky rain water on top of the pool cover. They almost look like crawfish but their greenish. weeeeird! ick!

My lil cutie from yesterday.
rare flower ;)

rare flower take 2


  1. LOL...I LOVE fresh corn! I hope you can get it to grow! Great pics of that little cutie! Love her face in the last one!

  2. I am so with katie! I love broc!!!!
    I wish I had the green thumb to grow a garden , but lving where I do the deers would eat it all up first! Every morning we see at least three to six deers in our back yard ;). Love your photos, how in the world do you get them so bright looking , share your trick with me!! love the layouts too , cam looks so pityful!!

  3. yum! i know how this has been a long time coming, yay! the photos of your girl is adorable! perfect really and love your layouts!

  4. Heh heh corny!!! lol I get it!!

    LOVE your last photo!! That little NOSE is too cute!

  5. Hi Leah! just wandered over to your blog. I wish i had land to plant corn and with being in NYC its all concrete here so i can just dream LOL... i have some strips of land to plant but i figure i'll just plant flowers! love your pics. eva

  6. Wow girly you ROCK'd TSS kits out!!love the bright colors..and your little Sam is just too cute!!!great picture can't wait to see taht one scrapped!

  7. Loving your photos and you lo's rock as always!!!

  8. You've been tagged...check out my blog for details!


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