Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend fly by

The weekend was a blur.

I ran to three stores Saturday morning looking for something to wear for the wedding. Got home around 12:30 with lunch.. scarfed that down and got ready for the wedding. Doug & Cameron stayed home (which was a good thing, Cam's a wild man yanno) so I took Katelyn & Samantha with me. The wedding was to start at 4pm. Amy & her wedding party was going to arrive a little after 2, and I wanted to snap some before the wedding photos of them getting ready.

I've spent most of the day today editing photos (they were ALL horribly dark, wrong angles, etc) and doing some laundry. The photos are uploading to flickr now, so when their up, I'll be adding some from the wedding here. My cousin Amy was a beautiful bride. They are honeymooning @ Dollywood this week.

Hoping to have some scrappy time for myself tomorrow... and get back to the message boards.
in the dressing room

wedding party shot

Here's the link to the wedding photos.


  1. What a georgeous wedding! The bride is BEAMING! Great pics, you did a great job!

  2. very pretty wedding , makes me want to did out my wedding photos and do a album , which I totally need to do! glad you had fun !!!

  3. gorgeous photos! i love the beautiful. you did a great job!

  4. I LOVE your new blog banner! And the wedding pics are GORgeous! Just wanted to say hi....this sinus infection is kicking my BUTT, so I gotta go lay down, lol! :)

  5. Those photos are beautiful! What a gorgeous wedding!


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