Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I felt pukey yesterday...

DD Sam was messing around near her sister's desk. She grabbed Katelyn's pencil sharpener, I told her to put it down as I walked out of the room to get Cameron out of the fridge. (I swear their part beast.. LOL)

I come back 10 seconds later and she's crying. I said, what did you do? Did it hurt? Sam said, "Oh, yep" Ack. Took a look at what she did, blood falling down her shirt and arm, my hand.. just everywhere. It took over 30 minutes to stop flowing so fast.

I felt so sick to my stomach. Ugh. Anyways, she put her index finger in there and must have twisted it like a pencil... there's a small chunk of skin off the side of her finger, 1/4 of the nail was grated in there. She called Daddy on the phone and said, "I need U daddy" You know the voice.. the whiney baby tone. Just tears at your heartstrings.

He left work 30 minutes early and brought her some tylenol since we have none in the house. Anyways, I think she'll be ok. It's always something with this girl though..

I got my new TallyScrapper Sept. kit yesterday.
just plum adorable!!

here's one project I have made using chicken wire & Hambly - both which are in the kit!

Check out the rest of the images HERE
Happy Fall Y'all!

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  1. OMG, my middle son did that one time, too!! It was HORRIBLE!!! He was okay, just a chunk of skin missing like you said and lots of blood, but it is a sickening feeling, isn't it?! YUCK!! Hope you're kiddo is okay!

    AND, wow, LOVE that project, it is SO cute Leah!!!


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