Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm a day behind

because it feels like Tuesday. I bet that means the weekend will ZOOM by again.Thanks for the comments on Katelyn's layout, I'll be passing them along to her today when she gets home from school. You never know, maybe she will sit down and scrap with me again!

I've got so much I should be doing, and yet I can't sit here long enough to catch up on my websites, so I can sit and scrap. I have to be caught up on the gossip before I can start my scrappin... silly huh? It would probably be a good thing if the internet thing was timed... LOL

**thank goodness for the new feature blogger has - the autosave. LOVE IT!!!
I was almost complete with this update, and the damn power went out on me.
Something to make ya smile... I can still hear their laughter.


  1. I saw this on the EBB site, Leah, and just thought it was so precious!! Lovely pic, great memory!!

  2. Yes, that autosave is such a great feature!!

    What a lovely picture!


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